Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

Social media has already become a crucial element of marketing strategies around the world.

But given how quickly social platforms and influencer marketing trends are evolving, it’s no wonder businesses don’t know where to invest their time and resources — or which networks will be relevant in one, three, or five years’ time.

Social media marketing strategy has evolved rapidly over the years, with new platforms emerging and others quickly growing in scale and value for marketers.

While some social networks seem set to stick around (we see you, Facebook), those that have been on the scene for a few years now could face extinction as newer social media take precedence.

Like many industries disrupted by technology, we’re seeing major shifts across all areas of social media marketing as digital natives vie for consumer attention, with some networks or social behaviors already on their way out.

That means it’s time to think about the future of your business’s social media marketing strategy.

With that in mind, we asked several experts how they envision social media marketing will change by 2022.

Their predictions are below, along with instructions for what you can do today to prepare your business for these changes around the corner…

The article is missing a few details but overall gives enough information to get an idea of what the author wants you to know without giving too much away.

This tone makes it suitable for readers wanting an overview of what could happen in five years and allows them to connect with the information the author has provided easily while still providing them with just enough information to connect the dots.

The article provides the reader with information that is interesting and helps them get a grasp on what they need to do in order to prepare for social media platforms in 2022 so they can be informed when the time comes.

It uses sources throughout to validate its claims which helps give it more credibility since letting readers know where you got your information from makes it easier for readers to find out if the information provided is legitimate.

They also use informative visuals like graphs and charts which allows them to show that there are in fact changes coming in five years without having to write about every single one of them separately.

The article does not include any bias in their information, therefore making it seem like all of their facts are correct and can be trusted.

They do not include any real mistakes in the article, but they could have added more visuals to help with understanding.

A graph showing when each social media platform came into play would help with understanding the speed of which social media was changing because it would make it easier for readers to see what was happening over time instead of having them guess what year they believe certain networks were created.

They also might want to add more sources throughout the article to make sure their information is correct and easily verifiable by someone else who also wants to research this topic.

Some extra breakdowns like how influencer marketing will change or why Snapchat has become less popular since Instagram Stories may be interesting for readers that are curious about what changes they should expect to see in the next five years.

Although this article does not include any mistakes or bias, they could include more visuals such as graphs and tables to help readers understand the information better instead of just reading it.

They also might want to add more sources throughout the article so their information can be verified easier and make sure other people who read this can find another source if they want to look for more information regarding their topic.

Adding a small section about how influencer marketing may change in five years would also be interesting because it is something that has been growing over time and would give readers an idea of what kind of changes they should expect from that type of marketing as well.

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