Secret Defenders: A Gathering of Heroes

Secret Defenders: A Gathering of Heroes Review

Avengers Comics Darkhawk Defenders Doctor Strange Marvel Comics X-Men

Wait now, hold up, June is Avengers month at The Book Closet.

What’s this Defenders book doing on here?

This doesn’t star Avengers.

This stars Nomad, a Captain America/ Avengers supporting character.

And Wolverine, the X-Men, and Avenger.

And Spider-Woman… the Avenger.

And Doctor Strange, the Avenger.

And finally Darkhawk The reserve Avenger.


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So, today on Avengers month, we’ll be reviewing the first 3-issue arc of Secret Defenders, A Gathering of Heroes.

In a lot of other ways, this comic is a culmination of few things we’ve been discussing up till now on this site.

“The Defenders,” different from the new Netflix interpretation, started as a “team only when they needed to be” originally made up of the Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer led by Doctor Strange.

When this series picks up, that group has been disbanded for several years and Doctor Strange has gone into hiding as a result of the events of The Rise of the Midnight Sons and his involvement with that group (in fact this issue subtly crosses over with an issue of Morbius that Strange appears in).

Since he’s in hiding, he can’t contend with the threats he would normally deal with in the Marvel Universe

So he begins to bring seemingly-random assortments of heroes together in pairings best-suited to deal with each individual threat, sometimes without their even knowing it.

Just look at that cover from the first issue: there’s Strange, in the background, his hands like a puppet-master pulling the strings.

Doesn’t that just say it all?

In many ways the involvement of Strange makes me …

Looks like THAT Blink-182 Tour is Over For Lil’ Wayne

Looks like THAT Blink-182 Tour is Over For Lil’ Wayne


Not 100% sure why Lil’ Wayne was on a Blink-182 tour anyway, but there he was.

However, turns out that he may only be sticking around for one night…

All because he didn’t love the crowd size that Blink-182 were able to pull.

Being one of the pop punk bands of the early 2000s, Blink-182 often had no issue filling massive arenas.

However, in recent years (no doubt due to countless break-ups and getting back together for the band), they don’t seem to have quite the pull they did in the past, and Lil’ Wayne picked up on this.

On stage on the 12th July 2019, Lil’ Wayne supposedly interrupted his performance to claim that the crowd size wasn’t big enough and that he was planning to quit the tour.

Bit odd.

But, when you are Lil’ Wayne and can easily attracted thousands to your gigs, performing to a room of just a few hundred is really cutting down on size.

He could be earning money elsewhere.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Lil’ Wayne was scheduled to have an hour set at the start of the show, but he was only around for 20 minutes before calling it quits.

We haven’t heard anything from Lil’ Wayne’s reps so far, but we are willing to bet he was telling the truth.

If you are planning to head to a Blink-182 show expecting to see Lil’ Wayne rocking about (who really is doing that?).

Then you should probably sell your ticket on now.

He probably isn’t going to come back.…

Can I Conceal My Smoking Cigarettes From Insurance Corporations?

A lot of people understand that some life insurance businesses tend not to offer you protection to people who smoke.

Other companies will market people who smoke protection, but at a fee which can vary from 20 percent to fifty percent bigger compared to the costs they charge to non-smokers.

That disparity would make some people who smoke concern: “Can I conceal my smoking from insurance corporations?”

The answer is: Yes and no.

You are able to lie on your software and state that you are not a smoker.

The insurance organization may or might not actually obtain out.

But it surely is often a massive danger.

Recall that a smoker life insurance policy is basically only a contract, a formal arrangement between both you and your insurer.

It states which you have certain obligations and so does your insurance enterprise.

Your insurance company’s obligation is usually to control their financial balance and security to make sure that they will preserve profitability and the power to spend the main advantages of the policies they have issued.

For a policyholder, you may have the obligation to truthfully response the issues they asked to determine your policy top quality plus the extent within your coverage.

For that rationale, most policies consist of a two-year incontestable clause that permits the insurer to challenge a dying claim produced against your policy.

For example, in case you lie with your software and state that you are not a smoker but then you die from the sickness associated to lifelong smoking, your policy may be invalid.

Your dependents could get zero.

As well as the income you paid in premiums 12 months immediately after 12 months is now worth zero.

And which means which the safety you believed you had secured for the loved ones amounts

How does a home plumbing system work?

A critical aspect of your home

Let’s look at some of the very basics here – house-hold plumbing systems are one of the most crucial aspects of a house, without a plumbing system, you may as well consider yourself living in antiquity. Indeed, plumbing systems have been one of the benchmark achievements of modern civilizations, and have been around since the times of ancient Rome. Although home plumbing seems to be a very difficult science to master, by understanding the general principles by which a plumbing system operates, you can understand a lot about plumbing. Firstly, it is crucial to understand that in any plumbing system there are certain key forces at work; gravity, pressures, and water seeking.

Plumbing subsystems

All plumbing systems have two main components, called subsystems. One component works to bring in water from the street, while the other functions primarily to remove water that is already used. When water initially enters your house it is pressurized. This water pressure allows it to flow into house and go around any obstacles like bends and turns, that it may run into. As the water flows into your house, it is measured by a meter which allows a meter reader to inform the water company of how much water you are using. Typically, the main water shutoff is located somewhere in the general vicinity of the meter. If you have a plumbing emergency, it is important that you go to this main shutoff valve and shut off the entire water supply. If you do not do so, then your entire house could stand a risk at being flooded.

Taps are, of course, a critical aspect of home plumbing

Conversely, if the problem area is confined to a smaller part of the house, let’s say, a sink or toilet, it …

How to Keep Your Teeth White

In the oral healthcare market of today, home teeth whitening systems have become a major 
industry. Whitening chewing gum by itself is estimated to pull in an astounding 17 million dollars 
per annum in gross sales, and that is just for a single brand. When you include additional 
products like brushed on bleaching gels, whitening toothpastes and whitening strips, it is easy to 
see just how big and profitable the market has become. Oral care as we know it nowadays, has 
not always been that way though and is somewhat different from its rather humble beginnings. 
The lengths which some folks would go to in the past simply to get a dazzling smile can make 
you very grateful for the modern conveniences that we take for granted today. 
These days, we all know that brushing our teeth twice a day or after meals is the first step in 
home teeth whitening. To do that, we turn to our trusty toothbrush to get rid of any surface 
buildup on our teeth. Everyone has a toothbrush readily available but what would you do if you 
could not find yours. You would venture outside into your front or back yard of course and find 
yourself a suitable twig. In times gone by, people would really chew on twigs in order to clean 
their pearly whites. After that, some ingenious person, way back in history, had the bright idea of 
fashioning a piece of wood and adding wild boar bristle to the end of it. And so the toothbrush 
was born although the idea of having a mouthful of hog hairs first thing in the morning is not too 
Even though home tooth whitening kits have come a long way over time, needing to have whiter 
teeth is not anything new and has 

How To Skinny Fast

How To Man Boobs? 

In a hurry, I typed, how to man boobs, into the search bar of my browser, then, how to rid of man 
boobs. Yes, I was trying to search for, how to get rid of man boobs, but, I was fueled by a sense 
of urgency, embarrassment, and emotion. Yep, the issue of man boobs had now become a real 
situation for me and I was looking for a real solution. 
You might remember the episode of Seinfeld, where Kramer developed the “Bro”, the male 
version of the bra. It was amusing and pretty funny, back then. That was until my daughter told 
me I had man boobs. It made me think how insensitive we can be about stuff, until it happens to 
us. Then it becomes a real issue, with real feelings and emotions attached to them. I found it 
was very real. 


The condition is called Gynecomastia and I found it’s not that uncommon. It can be caused by a 
growing glandular tissue or, in most cases, it’s because we have let ourselves get fat. It’s 
common among teenage boys because of the hormone changes their bodies are going through. 
For most, it goes away once the body has calmed down. For others, they aren’t as fortunate. 
For them it becomes a physical and psychological issue they will carry with them into, and 
sometimes through, adulthood. 
The type of man boobs that is triggered by hormonal activity should be treated with the help of 
your doctor. If you have had Gynecomastia since you were young, or you suspect it’s not just 
because you have put on extra weight, then you should consult your physician. He can help you 
find a way to balance your hormones safely. 
There are a lot of supplements I 

Can Automated Software Build Profitable Websites?

This has long been a question argued within the web developers circle. Certainly several years 
ago the automated software lacked a lot of ability. Today however, automated software is 
catching up fast with manual programming. 
As a hard coder I have had to come to terms with the fact that one day I will become obsolete. 
How and when this happens I hope is still some years away but the writing on the wall is visible 
by the distant rise of the automated software on the horizon. For the past 20 years companies 
have been trying to develop these programs to imitate coders. 
Programs like WebEazy and Cinematic Profits have definitely found the right track to follow. 
With their continued development of these products it is not hard to see why many web site 
owners are turning to them to develop their web sites. 
Hard Coders Advantage 
At present the systems do have several glitches that seem to miss out on several very key 
points when it comes to web site development. The first and for me the most important one is 
search engine optimization. WebEazy is definitely lacking when it comes to SEO tactics. You 
can do the usual things like header tags within the software but when it comes to the barrage of 
other tags that have become more important within a web site it fails miserably. 
Hard coding has always allowed the web designer to plan ahead and set out the fundamental 
structures of the web site before any thought is given to the content. Each and every tag are 
coded to yield the greatest results within the search engines. Coders write in a language that 
search engines mostly like. Some times it is hard to find a balance between what the search 
engines want and what 

Information Straight Into Quick Methods Inside Dish Network

One of the greatest problems that individuals in the united states face is turning off the tv. 
Besides being privileged with the stigma because the fattest country on the planet, we now have 
also gained the title because the laziest. So that you can assist awareness and activeness, 
many organizations across are discovering activities to do which will encourage people to 
require to get fit since they can be active. Also view disk network internet for a a lot of extra info 
about the dish network. 
There is no secret that laziness and low levels of physical activity can lead to obesity, 
cardiovascular disease, diabetes along with other health problems. In order to decrease your 
probability of developing them, you need to get off of the couch and initiate moving. Simply 
because you walk in the parking garage at your job for your desk doesn’t suggest you are 
receiving enough exercise to make a difference. Should you be spending more than 1 hour 
each day before the television, you’re not as active because you needs to be. There is 
something to accomplish this will improve your physical health thus making you feel far better 
about yourself. 
In the event you work on employment where you spend time at a desk, you must take frequent 
breaks. Fully stand up and stretch periodically throughout the day. Sitting for lengthy durations is 
not healthy and will ruin your wellbeing. On your own lunch time consider having a fifteen 
minute walk to help you have the circulation going to your lower extremities. In the event you 
just work at a career where you must participate in huge amounts of physical labor or are a 
symbol of long periods of time, don’t stay at home exactly the same position. Move the feet and 
raise your 

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace plays an important role in creating an exciting and beautiful looking room. They are 
considered to be a design focal point bringing together furniture, artwork, lamps and draperies in 
an elegant harmony. Adding accessories… 
Fireplace plays an important role in creating an exciting and beautiful looking room. They are 
considered to be a design focal point bringing together furniture, artwork, lamps and draperies in 
an elegant harmony. Adding accessories to a fireplace is like choosing jewelry. The fireplace 
accessories display the owner’s personal taste. 

Accessorizing the fireplace. 

Elegance is added to a basic fireplace by putting a fireplace screen that suits the architecture of 
the room. Some of the accessories include iron coal buckets, fire screens, tongs, pokers, 
fireplace tool sets and so on. The accessories completely alter the face of the fireplace and 
have the ability to change a room into a traditional or contemporary one. With a wide array of 
accessories to choose from, turning a fireplace into a work of art is easy. Today there are many 
options and styles to accessorize the fireplaces. The mantels and fireplace can be crafted into a 
beautiful piece of art using different surfaces including woods, bricks, tiles and stones. Natural 
stones like marble, granite and soapstone can be used according to architecture of the house. 
There is wide variety of fireplace doors, fire screens of different finishes. The finishes are 
commonly solid and antique black, nickel hammered and vintage iron and brass. The glass 
doors can be clear, smoked, beveled or mirrored 

Tips to accessorize the fireplace 

1. You should have an idea about how you want to decorate the fireplace. Set a budget and do 
a bit of window-shopping before buying the accessories. You can make a rough estimate of the 
cost of the accessories by measuring the 

How To Conceive A Boy

We have a daughter and would like to try for a boy, and would like it if anyone would know how 
to concieve a boy and how to coneive atwins as well. I know all about the folic acid, and that 
most women are pregnant with twins but loose one because of lack of folic acid, and to drink 
more milk because of the hormones put into the cows, and that fraternal twins are heridacty(my 
dad’s side has lots of twins, but i heard it runs on the mom’s side, can it be pass on from the 
father’s side?), to take lots of folic acid, and power of thought. And that dz twins are fraternal 
and mz twins are identical and no knows about how mz twins happened. DZ is two eggs 
dropped and mz twins is one egg splitting into two. 
To coneive a boy I heard a few days after your period and a few days before your period starts. 
anymore information? 

Anyone tried methods to conceive a girl and it actually helped make it happen? 

I know there are certain things that are suppose to be able to help conceive a girl and I 
wondered if anyone had luck achieving this when they tried the one thing that actually makes 
sense. The thing about having sex a few days before ovulation and then stop until ovulation has 
passed since the girl spermies live longer than the male spermies.

What is a chemical pregnancy and how does it work? 

I took an at home pregnancy test last week and tested positive, but then had my period a few 
days later. I would have conceived between September 20th and 24th, and my period came 6 
days ago. I started reading up on this and found a lot of questions